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We have a simple formula. We have built a business based purely on our inherent love for great cup of Coffee. Served in hygienic way everywhere there is a foot fall. With the right ingredients and creating an unforgettable taste! The ‘Oz Kafe’ brand aims to bring Australian café concept to India. Same aroma and taste as we have discovered that Aussies love! We have a special connection to Australia. We want the best beverages and food from Australia at our door-steps. And add a few of our exotic flavors to this! We want to serve freshly roasted coffee in our café to the coffee loving people of Kolkata and India. Our roaster concept may be the only one in Eastern India! We take great pride in our service delivery methods and standards. As the Aussies do!

We are sourcing Coffee from all across the globe. Our services extend to everyone, who loves a freshly brewed coffee, and We involves the local community in growing with us. Ozkafe extends its arms to various charitable organisations working with the disabled and special needs sector.

We are here to serve, care and share! Quality and availability is our motto!



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Top Customer Reviews

Absolutely great coffee..Just try it.

Chandrakant Patel

I have been a subscriber of Ozkafe since 2018. They have some mind blowing exclusive blends..

Patric Richard

I am a creative designer and coffee is in my blood since childhood. I used to try different blends and happened to try ozkafe as well.. It was an amazing experience and now a regular customer. Thanks a ton ozkafe team..

Parvathi Nair
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